from by Warp Prism



Greeted by an overwhelming desire
Internalized affection, effecting all we are
Right and wrong, defended until the last breath
The underlying decay will claim us all

Portrayed in colors
The wind carries your perception
No control, the storm resides
Deafening judgement, clouded mirrors reflect
The dust will never settle, not until we evolve

Driven to seek power, we resolve to conflict
Rationality aside, instinct takes over

Enveloped by emotion, stare down the imposter
Take hold of regret, facing fear itself
Replace anger with control, feeding the conduit
Directing fate, the dust begins to settle
We evolve

Transcending moral convolution, reasoning seeps back in
Our mottled silhouettes refracted into the sky
Passing into a new era, pushing the boundaries of existence
Cleansed of doubt, the dust has settled

A blank mirror now conveys possibility
Stretching endlessly throughout oneself
There is much ahead, but do not be weary
One is never alone


from EVOLUTION, released December 12, 2012


all rights reserved



WARP Sarasota, Florida

WARP Consists of:

Kevin Suter
Ryan Wall
Max Karon

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