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High in the tower
he's there in an eternal form
we stay in our chambers
awaiting anointment

Step into my stagnant air
repulsive only to the unconfirmed
I'll give you my kaleidoscope
can't you see what I see when it turns violently?

You brand my madness
You brand my madness

I keep them here
locked in their cells
free from clarity
all looking in my kaleidoscopes
trying to find gold that doesn't even come close

I create improbabilities
and sell them to feel sufficient
all of the mislead eventually end up here
in my cells!

To brand my madness
To brand my madness

My lullaby
to nullify
Keep children here
Don't wake them
Don't wake from this dream
Don't ever leave
Don't give them clues
on how to stop dreams

Guilty so guilty,
Imperfect and filthy,
Luscious freedom for my mind
until the kaleidoscope stops spinning

The cells fade away
the jailed will jail the jailor
The slaves will overcome their terrible master
And the wind will blow over
exiting madness to cause chaos
and the tower falls to the ground!

Bury the pages under the watchtower
until the next century
Bury the pages under the watchtower
until the next century
Finds them
Find them
Finds them
Find them!


from ANIMA, released December 29, 2015


all rights reserved



WARP Sarasota, Florida

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Ryan Wall
Max Karon

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